Why Choose Us?

Excellent question–with several answers. First, God made the importance of training children evident as Moses prepared the Children of Israel to enter the Promised Land(Deuteronomy 6:1-9) We are to teach God’s commandments and judgments so that we and our children and grandchildren will fear the Lord and be blessed.

We are to teach His words diligently–talking of them in our houses, along the way, when we lie down, and when we rise up. Children are in school at least six and a half hours every day, five days per week. During those hours,  If they are not taught from a Bible-centered perspective, they will be taught a humanistic or other false perspective. We are to teach them God’s way all the time, and they will grow in true wisdom, not only in man’s knowledge.

Finally, one of the main goals of Tacoma Christian Academy is providing an excellent academic education. Students are taught basic skills such as phonics, spelling and math accuracy, which are being phased out or weakened in other school systems. Very  few local schools offer foreign languages such as Spanish, Japanese and a few others, especially not in the lower grades. We offer Russian language, literature, and culture taught by native speakers, and we seek to preserve the Russian Christian standards while teaching our children to live according to the Bible.

So, why choose us? We partner with parents to teach God’s Way, His Word, and a sense of culture grounded in His principles. Is there any other choice for you and your children?

School Year 2019-2020 Enrollment

We evaluate applicants on the basis of the application form, the applicant’s academic and social history, and school and teacher recommendations. Criteria for admission are also dependent upon the applicant’s desire to attend Tacoma Christian Academy as well as his or her ability and willingness to commit to our challenging academic program.


Please, note:

If your child meets the enrollment requirements, but there are no spaces currently available in the grade you wish to enroll, you will be able to choose whether you want to put your children on the waiting list.


New Enrollment Process:


ONLINE APPLICATION: Fill out an online enrollment application.



ORIENTATION: Upon submitting the online enrollment application to the TCA office, the family will be invited for the presentation and orientation on TCA’s major philosophical and organizational guidelines.

  1. Family may turn in completed enrollment paperwork whenever the office is open for this purpose. However, no payments will be accepted until the family has attended the orientation and signed the Family Commitment form.


ENTRANCE TEST: New students will be scheduled an entrance test and need to provide current report card and official records.

  1. Students not approved for admission will be notified by letter.
  2. Students approved for admission, contingent upon available classroom space, will be notified about their placement in a waiting pool and be considered for admission when space becomes available.


ACCEPTANCE LETTER: Approximately two weeks period is required for processing of the application. Wait for the acceptance letter in your e-mail.


ANNUAL FEES: When the Acceptance Letter is issued, the family has two weeks to review and pay the annual fees.

  1. A period of approximately two weeks is required for processing of the application upon issuing of the Acceptance Letter, the school may deny the enrollment if annual fees payment has not been completed and no financial arrangements have been made.

Need Help?

Our Admissions Team will be happy to assist you through this process; just call us at 253.572.1742 or email

Re-Enrollment Process:


ONLINE APPLICATION: Fill out an online enrollment application.



 ORIENTATION: Upon submitting the online enrollment application to the TCA office, the family will be invited for the presentation and orientation on TCA’s major philosophical and organizational guidelines.

  • Family may turn in completed enrollment paperwork whenever the office is open for this purpose. However, no payments will be accepted until the family has attended the orientation and signed the Family Commitment form.
  • At the discretion of the principal and Admissions Committee, a student may be refused re-enrollment for the following school year. Such refusal is not considered a direct disciplinary act. Refusal to re-enroll is not the equivalent of suspension or expulsion.


 ACCEPTANCE LETTER: Approximately two weeks period is required for processing of the application. Wait for the acceptance letter in your e-mail.


 ANNUAL FEES: When the Acceptance Letter is issued, the family has two weeks to review and pay the annual fees.

  • After TWO WEEKS upon issuing of the Acceptance Letter, the school may deny the enrollment if annual fees payment has not been completed and no financial arrangements have been made.

Need Help?

Our Admissions Team will be happy to assist you through this process; just call us at 253.572.1742 or email

Tuition & Discounts

Tuition 2019-2020

MONTHLY X 12 = ANNUAL non-refundable after Aug 31
PreK – K5 (3 Days) $380 x 12 = $4,560 $350
1-5th $450 x 12 = $5,400 $400
6-8th $475 x 12 = $5,700 $450
9-10th $490 x 12 = $5,880 $500

**$50 discount per child will be applied to the Annual Fee payments made within 2 weeks of the issuance of the acceptance letter.

Enrollment Fee*


$100 per student

$300 max per family


$100 per student

$250 max per family

*The enrollment fee is non-refundable.


Referral Program: Refer a family that enrolls their child (ren) to TCA and receive a $300 credit (applied to your account in October 2019). $300 credit for each new family will be applied to the referring family’s account. 

Church Membership: Tacoma Christian Academy is an educational ministry of the Slavic Christian Center (SCC) and uses most of the church’s facility free of charge. This is possible due to the faithful and regular tithes and offerings made by the SCC church members. Upon verification from the SCC senior pastor, active church members will get an annual tuition discount of $500 per child.


Multi-Family: 1st – the oldest child – 0%,      2nd child – 10%,      3rd  child – 20%,   4th – 40% off, 5th – 60%, 6th – 80%.

All regular fees apply to all students without discount


SCC Ministry Discounts and Faculty Discounts: inquire more information, including applications, at the school office.


Scholarship (optional): Students in 8-10 grades may receive $300 per semester (minimum GPA of 3.7 or above in the preceding semester), total of $600/year.  Requirement: attending TCA school at least for one year. Approved member of the TCA Honor Society. The GPA and exemplary behavior verification is required every semester.  Please, request scholarship application at the office.


Tuition Assistance:CLICK HERE to find more information. 

There is no deadline for online application submission. However, the TCA tuition assistance funds are limited and will be distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Tuition assistance applies to the tuition cost only. Other annual fees will be applied without discount.

Payment Options

Annual Payment – 5% discount (if paid by check/money order by August 20th; convenience and transaction fees will be applied for the payments made by credit/debit cards). This discount may not be available if children are registered after the first day of school;

Semester Payment – 2% discount (if paid before the 20th of August and February);

Quarterly – 0% discount (paid on the 20th of the first month of each quarter: Aug, Nov, Feb, May);

Monthly  – 0% discount (12 payments on the 20th of each month, Aug-July) Auto Pay ONLY.

International Students – are Welcome to Apply

Tacoma Christian Academy is fully accredited and SEVP certified to welcome international students (grades 7-10) who are ready to experience school life in the USA. While attending TCA, students from around the world will benefit from

  • living with caring Christian families through our Homestay Program
  • teachers and academics
  • athletic and leadership opportunities
  • classes taught from the perspective of a Christian worldview
  • exposed to Slavic Cultural Heritage
  • field trips in Pacific NW
  • private secure campus

Tacoma Christian Academy is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant students. We are pleased that you are applying to our school. If you need assistance, please contact our international program coordinator, Olga Slobodyanik via email:

Admission Requirements

  • The parents and students must understand the mission and purpose of Tacoma Christian Academy and agree to live by the principles herein while a student in our school.
  • The student must have some level of English proficiency, and either have or plan to obtain his/her F-1 visa.
  • The student must agree to be a part of our homestay program.
  • Parents/guardians must be able to support the school’s mission statements, core beliefs, core values, and the school policies.

Fees and Tuition

2018-2019 International Student Tuition and Fees

New International Student Application Fee

All international students requesting an I-20 from TCA for the first time $350
Due at time of submitting application packet
  • Full-time student attending to earn credits/grades
  • I-20 processing and administration included


Tuition Cost Per Student

  • $1,000 non-refundable deposit required to secure I-20, which will be subtracted from the total tuition amount.
  • The student’s I-20 will be issued by the school ONLY after the non-refundable deposit has been received the school office.
  • International tuition and fees must be paid in full prior to student starting school.


  • Regular Classes
  • Books, Materials, and Lab Fees
  • Activities Fees
  • Essential School Supplies
  • P.E. T-shirt
  • School-related Field Trips
  • Fundraising Opt-out Fee
  • Extended Day Care (incidental)
  • Sports Participation
  • Parent Volunteer Hours
  • Spring Retreat Fee
  • TN3/PSAT Testing
  • Problem Resolution


  • School Uniform
  • School Hot Lunch
  • Outside Tutoring
  • International Medical Insurance
  • Homestay Fees

Application Procedure



  1. Student Information
  2. Student Medical History/Emergency Consent Form
  3. Student academic Information
  4. Student Life Information
  5. Parent Agreement
  6. Teacher Letters of Recommendation (submit letters from two recent teachers)
  7. Most recent report card (translated into English)
  8. If in high school (grades 9-10): transcript in English showing  (A, B, C, D) and units of credit earned in any high school courses.
  9. Immunization record (must be on a Washington State Certificate form included in this packet)
  10. Letter or statement of proof of financial ability to pay
  11. Copy of student’s passport.


Scan and email all completed paperwork in PDF format to



Once all application forms and fees have been received, please allow up to 7 business days for processing  for a Preliminary Letter of Approval or letter of denial to be sent by email.


  1. Authorization of Temporary Guardianship of Minor form.
  2. Medical Consent and Field Trip form
  3. Student Code of Conduct (initialed and signed by parents and student)
  4. Medical Physical form.
  5. Copy  of Student’s International Medical Insurance.


If application is approved, the student will be issued an I-20 and letter of acceptance within three business days.



TCA purpose:

Seeking transformation to advance the Kingdom of God

Достигая личного преображения для расширения Царства Божьего  

TCA Mission:

Within a context of Slavic Christian heritage, TCA partners with families to educate students’ hearts and minds as we–students and staff–seek the glory of God and the service of others.

В рамках славянского христианского наследия, ТСА сотрудничает с семьями в том, чтобы через образование влиять на сердца и умы детей в то время как все мы, ученики и персонал, стремимся прославлять Бога и служить ближним.

TCA Vision:

Tacoma Christian Academy will provide a truly Christ-centered education to the students of different backgrounds resulting in the graduates who are

1) firm followers of Christ;

2) lifelong learners committed to hard work and excellence;

3) humble servants in Slavic community and beyond.

TCA будет служить ученикам различного происхождения предоставляя христоцентричное образование, которое подготовит выпускников быть

1) твердыми последователями Христа,

2) старательными учениками посвященными тяжелому труду и высоким стандартам, 

3) смиренными служителями в Славянском обществе и за его пределами.

Tuition Assistance

Start your financial aid application here:

Tuition Assistance Q & A

Does applying for tuition assistance affect school admission decisions?

No. The Admission Committee which reviews candidates for admissions is “need blind”. They do not consider whether or not someone has applied for tuition assistance as part of their decision.

Who can apply for tuition assistance?

Any student currently enrolled or new applicants for admission to Tacoma Christian Academy can apply for tuition assistance. Generally, assistance will only be awarded for newly accepted students and current students enrolled for the following school year and whose tuition account is current. Families may apply for tuition assistance before starting the enrollment process.

Can I complete the application in paper format instead of online?

All applications must be submitted via the FAST link on our website.

What if my family cannot afford the tuition assistance application fee?

If you believe you cannot afford the tuition assistance application fee, please contact Lyudmila Dzyubak to discuss your situation. The School has a limited number of waiver vouchers and if your family meets the income threshold, you may qualify for the use of an available voucher.

How are tuition assistance grants determined?

Tacoma Christian Academy relies on the assistance of F.A.S.T. (an online service) in calculating the level of demonstrated need of each applicant based upon a completed application. These calculations consider gross income, nontaxable income, assets, liabilities, family size, the number of children in tuition paying schools below the college level, and situations where the income level does not support the spending level, among other items. Included in this calculation is an allowance for basic living expenses and taxes. The Tuition Assistance Committee and School Board reviews this data and makes final decision based upon additional knowledge about your unique situation.

Is there a limit to the tuition assistance available?

The award amount depends on the number of families applying for tuition assistance and the amount of allocated tuition assistance funds. The application fee is $45 and non-refundable. Tacoma Christian Academy generally gives priority to returning students, new students who are siblings of existing or past Tacoma Christian Academy students, and new students that are children or grandchildren of Tacoma Christian Academy alumni.

What documents do I need to submit in addition to filling out the tuition assistance application?

You will need to submit:

  1. Your pay stubs for the past 2 months for all jobs. If you are receiving Social Security, unemployment or disability compensation you will need to submit a copy of these stubs.
  2. If Self Employed send the first two pages of your 2018 IRS Form 1040 and Schedules C&E if applicable.
  3. A copy of your 2018 W2 and/or 1099 for all jobs worked.
  4. A complete copy of your 2018 STATE and FEDERAL tax return including all schedules and business tax returns, such as K1’s and 1120 for Corporations.
  5. Support documentation for receipt of TNAF, SNAP or Section 8 housing assistance.
  6. Documentation regarding child support – court documents or check copy.

These documents will be needed for all adults in the household and should be submitted directly to FAST. Upon review of your application, additional documents may be requested.

What if my tax return has not been filed in time to submit it with my assistance application?

It is recommended that you make an appointment with your tax consultant early in order to insure your return is complete by April 15, 2019. Tax returns must be received for your application to be considered complete and eligible for assistance. All assistance granted is contingent upon receipt and review of these documents.

What happens in cases of parental divorce or separation?

Regardless of the marriage status, the School does consider both biological parents as responsible for their child’s education, regardless of any legal assertions to the contrary. Therefore, Tacoma Christian Academy requires both biological parents to complete tuition assistance applications.

What allowances are made if one parent cannot be located or refuses to complete the application?

Tacoma Christian Academy understands that some family situations can be very difficult. In such cases, a letter may be submitted to Tacoma Christian Academy from a pastor, social worker or attorney confirming that the other biological parent cannot be located or refuses to participate in any aspects of their child’s life. The letter writer cannot be a relative of the applicant. The letter must state the following, as applicable:

  1. The whereabouts of the other biological parent is unknown.
  2. The other biological parent has provided no support and has had no contact with the family for at least two years.
  3. It is in the family’s best interest not to have further contact with the other biological parent.
  4. Any other extenuating circumstances that the individual believes the School should consider.

This letter should be submitted directly to Tacoma Christian Academy 2014 S 15th St Tacoma, WA 98405.

Is the assistance awarded for one year only, or for each year my child attends Tacoma Christian Academy?

Assistance awards are for one year only. Families on assistance must re‐apply for each subsequent year they wish to receive such assistance. While there are no guarantee as to future assistance grants, normally once a family is receiving tuition assistance, they will receive grants of similar amounts in future years unless their financial situation changes. However, students in the tuition assistance program are expected to maintain a 2.25 GPA and remain in good standing.

In cases where a family’s financial situation deteriorates, more assistance may be granted unless a family has already been granted the maximum tuition assistance allowed. Conversely, if a family’s financial situation improves or new information comes to light, assistance awarded may be reduced or eliminated if the Tuition Assistance Committee deems such action appropriate.

If my family has an unexpected financial emergency; can I apply for tuition assistance after the school year has started?

We understand that sometimes a family’s financial situation can change unexpectedly. While assistance is more limited, we encourage you to apply if needed. When applying late, please notify Lyudmila Dzyubak at that you are submitting an application. Additionally, we encourage you to contact our Accountant to discuss your situation and possible alternative solutions.

When will I know if I have been awarded tuition assistance?

Applications will only be considered if they have been filled out completely and all requested documents have been submitted. Once an application has been submitted with all supporting documentation and no additional informations is required, a tuition assistance decision letter will be sent to you within two weeks of the submission date. If additional information is required, a Tuition Assistance Committee member will contact you.

Can I appeal the tuition assistance decision if I believe it is insufficient?

You may appeal the tuition assistance decision if your financial situation has changed or you believe the Tuition Assistance Committee may have misunderstood your current situation. In such cases, you may be asked for additional documentation. Please contact Lyudmila Dzyubak at for instructions to submit an appeal.

Will my family have to repay the tuition assistance?

No. Tuition assistance is not a loan. If at some future date your family’s financial situation improves, we hope you will consider making a donation to Tacoma Christian Academy to help enable other deserving students to attend.

What if I have additional questions?

Please contact Lyudmila Dzyubak at or in the School Office at (253) 572-1742.

Will my tuition assistance status and information remain confidential?

Tacoma Christian Academy takes seriously its responsibility to maintain confidentiality over all tuition assistance information and records. It is recommended that you redact any social security numbers listed on your supporting documents and that you personally scan or mail your documents to FAST. Tacoma Christian Academy must comply with any legal requests from courts or attorneys to provide documents. Parents are expected to keep their tuition assistance awards confidential and not discuss them with other families or teachers.