Tacoma Christian Academy educates hearts minds attitudes intellects worldviews souls bodies voices spirits for the glory of God.

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Welcome to different.

Like many of the Christian schools in the South Puget Sound area, we're a small school with small class sizes, devoted teachers, and amazing students. But we're also an institution that is concerned with preserving and promoting Slavic heritage. Many of our families are first- or second-generation immigrants of Slavic-descent. We work hard to honor our culture and to introduce others to the beauty of our language and way of life. So, in addition to a stellar education, our students benefit from a dual-culture immersive setting. We help our Slavic students to remember their stories while preparing for life in the US, and our American students get the opportunity to expand their horizons, both in terms of traditions and language.

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Through classroom instruction for grades K-12, Tacoma Christian Academy educates young hearts and minds to serve others and glorify God.



Tacoma Christian Academy partners with families and church to educate students in Bible knowledge and in a Christian worldview, to develop understanding in evangelical Christian values and principles, to train students in moral character, to provide quality academic education in knowledge and understanding, and to promote service to God and others.



Training in Biblical Worldview
Cultivating Christ-like character
Achieving Academic Excellence



Glorifying God in everything we do
Teaching students to fear the Lord and receive His saving grace
Creating a well-ordered and nurturing environment
Pursuing academic excellence
Preserving Slavic cultural and spiritual heritage

Our chief value is to glorify God in everything we do. It shapes every moment of every day!
Our students aren't just academically engaged; they're diligent, kind, and driven.
Our teachers encompass a variety of cultures, linguistic backgrounds, and specialties, but they all a driven by a love of teaching.